Meeting Minutes

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August 30, 2021 - Board Meeting

PTA Board Meeting

Monday August 30th 2021

6:00pm Via Zoom

Meeting Minutes


Case Mundy, President

Tania Cheek, VP of Membership

Graciela Aguirre, Bilingual Liaison

MIchelle Cummings, VP of Communications

Zac Cummings, VP of Communications

Ana Hernandez, Treasurer

Erika Perez, Secretary


  1. Liaison

  2. Info Email Account

  3. Fundraisers & Memberships

  4. Prizes

  5. Spirit Shirts

  6. Declaration of Bank Signers

  7. Coleman Agenda Meeting

  8. Volunteer sign up

  9. Banjo-habitat


● Mundy; explained role of bilingual liaison

● Introduced the info email; for info forwarding and will provide password

● Fundraisers kickoff with Amazon, Krogers sign ups; and tracking of # of sign ups: google form, screenshots/facebook post and figure out the non-tech savvy people. To keep track of points

● Prizes included: Gift cards(teachers of top 3 classes regarding sign ups) as well as pizza party(Little Caesars) Family Prize included: Camping materials, Restaurant, zoo, jumping world, museum, Movie night

● Spirit shirts, price ($15), and when and where to set up the sale of the shirts and agreed on days all can help to sell and suggested $20 with a $5 off if they sign up on membership accounts with QR codes available. Not sure on shirt count. Announce sale of shirts the day before sale via twitter, facebook, and flyers. Ask Angelic if we profit from shirts.

● Declaration of Bank signers

● Banjo Program, Dante will attend next meeting 6:30pm

● Rewarding volunteers that sign up and figure how they can actually volunteer and making sure they do, so they are eligible for raffle reward: Sports tickets

● Fall Festival, date, activities, location, volunteers/staff

● Next meeting location

Action Items

  1. President proposed to add Tania and Ana as bank signers: All agreed(Zac, Michelle, Erika, Graciela, Tania and Ana)

  2. President proposed to remove Angelic Vargas and Jessi Heiner as bank signers: All agreed(Zac, Michelle, Erika, Graciela, Tania and Ana)

  3. President proposed Fall Festival take place Mid-October: All agreed(Zac, Michelle, Erika, Graciela, Tania and Ana)

  4. Spirit Shirt sale: Tania available M&W must leave by 7:30am; Graciala Wednesday after 2:30pm, Erika after school Wednesday, Ana

  5. Erika agreed to check on little caesars pizza donation or if we need to pay and pumpkin farmer and museum prize

  6. Zac and Michelle will check pumpkin farmer as well as zoo regarding prizes

  7. Tania agreed to check jumping world and movie night

  8. Graciela agreed to check on restaurant prize

  9. Case check on camping prize

  10. Thursday 6pm meeting attendees will include Case, Zac, Michelle, Ana. Tania(might be able to zoom call)

Next Meeting Agenda Items

● Speak to Coleman if there are materials we can use regarding fall festival, birthday newsletter and monthly newsletter, spirit shirt sale, and fundraiser

● Announce in next meeting Ana and Tania added to bank and removable of Angelic and Jessi

● Dante Degrate Banjo Director,

Next Meeting

Front lobby of Wainwright Elementary School @6pm

End of Today's meeting: 7:23pm

Submitted by: Erika Perez, Secretary

Approved by: Case Mundy, President